impression céramique 3D
morceaux de céramiques 3D
détail morceau de céramique imprimé
céramique imprimée blanche
sculpture element blanche
sculpture en céramique

Element sculpture

  • 185.00 €



Description: A piece original, between tradition and modernity.
This decorative sculpture in ceramic is printed in 3D. When technology meets crafts, surprising shapes appear. Josep Anguera is an audacious ceramist who love exploring and experimenting new ways of working with ceramic. 
This very unique sculpture will bring a touch of originality to your home. 
You can choose to present two together or only one. 
Details: Dimension: 12,5x15,5x15,5cm
Available in black and white. 
Preparation time needed before shipping: 10 days. 
Shipping & Returns:

Shipping from Catalonia via Mail Boxes: 4-6 working days at the international. 
Preparation time before shipping: 5 days // 10 days for the pieces 3D printed. 

Categorie(s): HOME DECORATION / Misc.

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