assiettes plates terre cuite
assiettes blanche, terre cuite et noires

Natural plate

  • 15.00 €



Description: Introducing the HALO dinner plate, a low profile plate with a vertical rim just high enough to keep everything in.
Featured here in natural color, other colors are available on the boutique. 
Simple and elegant, will be making the perfect tableware. 
Details: Suitable for microwave and dishwasher.
3 different sizes available:
  • smaill 2x20x20cm
  • medium 2x26x26cm
  • large 2x29x29cm
Shipping & Returns:

Shipping from Catalonia via Mail Boxes: 4-6 working days at the international. 
Preparation time before shipping: 5 days // 10 days for the pieces 3D printed. 

Categorie(s): TABLEWARE / Plates & Saladbowls

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